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Krabi 2013 Rainy Season Update

Here in Krabi, Thailand we find ourselves in the midst of a rather early rainy season. We’ve lived in Krabi for over six years now, and we have a good idea how the rain usually goes during the dry and rainy seasons. Here is an update for what is going on in 2013 so far.

June – Rather wet, but not outside the bounds of what we’d consider “Normal Rain”.

July – July was considerably wetter than most July’s during the 5 years previous. The weather pattern and rain pattern for July was rain for a few days (solid rain, little break), and then sunny and or cloudy for a few days, sometimes up to 5-7 days in a row, then more rain. This year’s July rain was more like August rains are normally.

August – So far for the first couple days of August, we are having considerable rain here in Krabi. It has rained non-stop for about 12 hours since yesterday, and it looks like this will continue for a while longer. Rain is not very predictable in Krabi, what you can do is go by whatever pattern is evident today – you can assume that same pattern will continue at least for another week. Unfortunately that is about as far into the future as one can see with Krabi’s wacky weather!

End of August update – The bad weather broke and we have now had about 7 days straight of amazing sunshine, near cloudless days, and warm but not too-warm nights. It has been excellent weather, probably some of the best all year. This is how the early rainy season goes in Krabi – sometimes you can count on day after day of pounding rain, and other times, sunshine straight for 7 days in a row. Today again, bright and sunny, but, I don’t expect it to last more than another day, 2-3 max before we have some big rain showers that might last a few days.

So, to help you in September. It could go either way for September, but I’m betting on some real good rain periods lasting 7-10 days at a time. We got an early start to the heavy rain, and it probably won’t just dry up. Reason being, August and September are the two rainiest months on average. It looks like it will be a very wet season this year.

So, pack a rainsuit (Thailand rain suits are cheap and not very waterproof) and come over anyway. It never rains more than 5-7 days in a row, so if it does you can do some indoor activities like cave exploring, Buddhist temple visiting, shopping, and eating. These are all things that are highly recommended in Krabi.

November Update – it is raining in the afternoons in spotty locations around Krabi. Nothing major, and we haven’t had a few days of heavy rain in a row for at least 10 days. Quite good weather lately – blue skies in the mornings and usually the evenings too. Nights are cool and it’s a perfect time for visiting Krabi!

November – Late Update – a lot of rain falling. We’ve had about a week solid of heavy rain.

December 1-15th Update – We had a ton of rain in the early part of the month, but now for the last 8-10 days we’ve had very little rain, just quick showers blowing through and then they usually are gone for the day. Looks like we are going to get into our dry season now starting mid-December. If you’re coming to Krabi in December 2013, it should be nice through March or so with only occasional hard thunderstorms passing through.

December 16-24 Update – We have been having very sunny days, few clouds, and rain showers that roll through very quickly, but usually drop very little rain at all. We’ve not had rain for the last 5 days (Dec 19-24). Looks like we are out of the rainy season for 2013!

Enjoy your trip to Krabi, Ao Nang, Phi Phi, wherever you’re going!

We just started a spreadsheet to keep track of the weather in Krabi. Every day we’ll update the spreadsheet and let you know which days it rained, and approximately what the temperature was. This way you can better gauge what the weather might be like for your upcoming visit to Krabi Town, Ao Nang, Phi Phi, wherever you’re going.

Here’s the link >

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