Krabi Weather Update – July 23, 2016

Green Sra Gaew Pool - Emerald Pool, Krabi province, Thailand.
On the raised boardwalk at Sra Morakot Pool you will pass this – Sra Gaew Pool. It is located close to the Emerald Pool.

The weather in Krabi has been really delightful for about the last 12 days. We have had very brief showers every few days or so, but nothing substantial that would curtail any of your planned tourist activities in the Krabi Province.

July and August are really great times to come because often there are strings of 5-7 days with no rain at all which are also cooler because there are a lot of clouds in the sky which help cancel out the burning sunshine.

No doubt we’ll have more rain building as we move toward September and October, but right now we’re in the absolute prime-time of the year because there are are few tourists – prices are low – and the weather just cannot be beat.

If you’re looking for something to do during your time in Krabi, don’t miss our top tour pages HERE.

One thing that many people have been doing lately is the climb up the mountain stairs at the Buddhist temple called “Wat Tham Seua” (Tiger Cave Temple). No tigers there, but they do have a really extensive temple there with lots of things to see including monks living in caves in the foothills area.

If you’re looking for something different to do, you could stay at a mountain wildlife resort and go on their wildlife tour for a few hours one night. The place is nestled between towering limestone karst formations and the family that runs the wilderness resort is really excellent at making you feel like you’re right there at home!

They have paths to walk on, a freshwater pool to wade in. They have really excellent food and the price is right. Bungalows are on a sloping hill that is cool at night with a fan in your room.


What To Do When Raining in Krabi?

Amazing lush greenery and wilderness areas to explore.
Rainshower over the bungalows at Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort cleared up in 10 minutes.

When it’s raining in Krabi, most people will sit in their room and eat junk food or drink themselves into oblivion. There’s plenty of time for that when night time rolls around, so don’t do it yet.

What do Thais do when it rains?

Go to Tesco / Lotus for the most part. Krabi doesn’t have any Central World Mall like most big cities, so we’re stuck with what we have – Tesco. The Tesco complex is a 10-15 minute taxi ride from Krabi Town, or a 30 minute ride from Ao Nang. They have Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dairy Queen stand, Hot Pot Restaurant, a food court where they sell common Thai dishes, and there are tons of little shops around the mall selling all sorts of little nicknak type things.

They do have an iStudio – which sells APPLE computers, monitors, iPhones, iPads, and accessories.

On the bottom floor they have a couple of electronics stores which have Asus, Acer, and some Toshiba computers. They sell Samsung phones, and some other brands there too. In the Tesco upstairs on the second floor, they have Samsung phones too in the electronics section.

If you have kids, there is a little area for them to play electronic games – which will give you a break for 30 minutes if you’re tired of being on your feet.


There is a movie theater up on the second floor of Tesco. They sometimes (rarely) play English titles, but you can check.


If it’s raining, it’s cool. That means it’s a great time to exercise, as long as there is no lightning. Running around Thara Park in Krabi Town, or along the beach sidewalk or road in Ao Nang, is nice in the rain. Another excellent thing to do when raining or just after a rain is to climb the Wat Tham Seua steps at the temple. The cooler air makes the difficult climb it so much more tolerable. Then at the top there are often clouds in your face, and it makes for some amazing photos.

A lot of people inadvertently end up at Crystal Pool or the Krabi Hot Springs while it’s raining, and that’s not too bad considering you’re going to get wet anyway. The Huay Toh Waterfall is another place you might consider.

What NOT To Do When It Rains in Krabi?

Ride a motorbike. Motorbikes (scooters) are dangerous enough when it isn’t raining. When it does rain, Thais drive like they have to get somewhere faster. It’s mayhem on the roads. Do not drive around on your motorbike when the roads are wet – you’re increasing your risk of an accident by a number of times.

Krabi Weather Update – 14 June 2015

Rain forecast for June in Krabi province, including town and Ao Nang, all the beaches
Raining in Krabi Town right now as I write this…

OK, here it is – the Krabi province weather update for mid-June 2015.

It’s pouring rain this morning, and that is what reminded me that I need to do an update here to let you all know how the weather is looking. We are at the very beginning of the rainy season, and honestly, unless this rain continues for a couple days, we haven’t even really begun yet.

Typically June is a month with some really good rain-showers, but then some days in between, even up to a week with little or no rain at all. June is a great time to come. Our rain so far in the first half of June has been very minimal. Though, as I said, today it has sprinkled rain lightly all morning and now at lunch time it is really coming down hard.

Probably we’re going to see the start of the rainy season from today. That means it might rain 1-2, maybe 3 days in a row, but then give us a break for a few days. It might rain briefly at certain times of the day – mornings or afternoons around 3 pm. Sometimes it even rains in the 6 pm. timeframe. So it may rain like this almost every day, lightly, during these times. That is the typical pattern for June and even into July… but as we get closer to October, the rains increase, and the days it rains increases.

Flooding in Krabi is kept to a minimum for a number of reasons, primarily because there are efficient ways for the tons of rainwater to reach the ocean quickly and it need not sit in one place. However, there are certain places where water does pool up and you may find your motorbike or car plowing through 1-2 feet of water at times if you’re near the river in Krabi Town, or at some locations over in Ao Nang.

Flash floods in Krabi – I haven’t heard of them, except at the base of the mountain – Khao Phanom, they sometimes have a LOT of water floating down the stream and it can at times flow over the street in a strong rush.

I’ll try to remember to update you on the rain and flooding situation later.


Krabi Weather April 1, 2015

Cloudy sky in Krabi

Here we are, the rainy season is queuing up for what might be a massive year for rain if it’s going to be as wet during the rainy season as the dry period was dry. It has been very dry for the last 2 months. Maybe 10 weeks someone said. That’s a long time. We had a total of two very light sprinkles that were done in less than 5 minutes on both occasions. That’s it! Very dry year, but this is almost the norm for this time. January through March is almost always very dry.

What sort of weather is coming to Krabi in May and June? Rain! Every year, without fail, it’s raining in May and June. The storms usually blow in and rain hard, then blow out. Not a big deal. Not until August, September, even October and November sometimes.

The rainy season starts out with a bang – fierce storms from May through November. During Aug-Nov there can be these extended torrential downpours that strain the draining systems in many towns and provinces. Krabi typically has no problem with flooding. I mean, there are streets that flood a bit, get a foot deep, maybe just slightly deeper. It is VERY rare for anything to be under 2 or more feet of water anywhere. Unless I just haven’t seen it. If you have, let me know the spots you know get flooded at 2 feet deep or more. Those are deep puddles!

The intersection by Wat Tham Seua temple at the stop light and intersection with Highway 4 used to get 1.5 feet deep during a harsh rain. All the rainwater from the huge 20 kilometer long mountain chain – the Phanom Bencha mountains, has to drain and it goes right down that road when the streams are all full. They did install some wider diameter pipes, so we’ll see how they do.

There are a couple places down on Uttaradit Road (river road) in Krabi town that flood a bit. Just spots. I’ve not seen anything over 1 foot deep there. Your motorbike can likely get through 1 foot of water. I wouldn’t try it if you’re renting though because you might have to pay for them to fix it if your bike dies in the puddle.

I’m not in Ao Nang much, but if you know of any problem flooding spots, let me know.

OK, so, prepare yourself for the rain. Get a waterproof diving bag and be ready to load your valuable electronics gear into there in case there is any rain.


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Emergency Weather Alert Krabi 17 July Through 21 July

Rain is falling daily now in Krabi. There are still hours of sunshine most days, but there will also be periods of rain. Sometimes hours. Sometimes just brief moments where it passes through. Still warm though!
Rain is falling daily now in Krabi. There are still hours of sunshine most days, but there will also be periods of rain. Sometimes hours. Sometimes just brief moments where it passes through. Still warm though!

Due to the typhoon, there has been a flooding and heavy rain alert for the province of Krabi, Trang, Phuket, Surat, and 31 other Thailand provinces.

In Krabi last night there was reported to be a swelling of the Krabi Yai canal which helps to drain the run-off from the 1,400 meter Khao Phanom mountain in Phanom. Some flooding affected restaurants and homes near the canal apparently.

Flash floods and heavy rain may occur during this next 5 day period. Also, be aware that the waves in the Andaman Sea – Koh Phi Phi, Ao Nang, Krabi, Noppharat Thara, Koh Jum, Koh Lanta – all of these places will be affected. Longtail boats may not be able to make it in the high surf. The ferries are not the safest in high waves, I would not take them. Google Koh Samui ferry disasters if you have any doubt.

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Cool Weather Winter 2014 in Krabi!

Perfect Krabi Weather

Wow, we’re having picture-perfect, and weather-perfect days and nights here in Krabi for the last 2-3 weeks. Virtually no rain, just hour long very light drizzle (sprinkle) of rain.

Last night the temperature was 66F (22C). Just perfect. No air conditioning needed. Just open the windows and let the breeze blow through. Yes, there is even WIND during this amazing Krabi winter.

Last year we had virtually no winter. We had a couple cooler days all year. Really, that was it. This year it is dry, the humidity isn’t even felt. It is cool. It is windy. It is sunny during the days. It is absolutely the most perfect weather we’ve had in the 7 years we’ve been here.

Now is the time to visit Krabi province if you’re considering it. Come now while the weather is still nice.


What Is the Weather Like in Krabi?

We just started a spreadsheet to keep track of the weather in Krabi. Every day we’ll update the spreadsheet and let you know which days it rained, and approximately what the temperature was. This way you can better gauge what the weather might be like for your upcoming visit to Krabi Town, Ao Nang, Phi Phi, wherever you’re going.

Here’s the link >


What is the weather like in December? January? February? >