Will Krabi Be Affected by 2014 Bangkok Protests?

Short answer – no. Shouldn’t be. In the rare event that everything goes awry, maybe the Krabi airport will be closed down by protesters. We have a lot of yellow shirt friendly Thais in the Krabi province, and one of the leaders has already said he will shut the airport down if called upon to do so by Suthep.

So, 90% chance there is nothing to worry about. Worst case scenario – the Krabi International Airport is shut down.

In general Krabi has not been affected very much at all when protests are in full-swing other places across Thailand. I think people here prefer business to go on as normally as possible so everyone is making their money.

However, we do have a group of whistle blowers running around town annoying tourists… so, if you want to avoid that at all costs, don’t come over the next week or so.

Hope that helps you decide about whether or not to come to Krabi in the face of the upcoming Bangkok “shutdown” for Jan 13, 2014.