Natural Hot and Cold Springs in Krabi

Freshwater mountain stream at Ngorn Nak, Krabi Province, Thailand.

There are many hot springs and cool freshwater springs bubbling up from Krabi’s ground.

You will probably want to visit some of these places. We’ve reviewed the following best of the best for you here. Do go see the videos about the springs because words can’t possibly describe them.

List of Best Krabi Hot and Cold Springs to Visit:

Sra Morakot Pool in Krabi, Thailand. This is a cool freshwater fed spring pool of water that is a major tourist attraction in Krabi province. Also known as "Crystal Pool, Emerald Pool, and Emerald Pond".
Sra Morakot Pool in Krabi, Thailand. Also known as – Crystal Pool, Emerald Pool, and Emerald Pond.

Sra Morakot (Emerald Pool, Crystal Pool, Emerald Pond) – We’d call this the number one spring attraction in Krabi. It is stunningly beautiful and you’ll take many photos and videos to show your friends at home. The water is ultra clear and clean, and the views are just perfect.

Video of Sra Morako (Crystal Pool):

Our full information page on Crystal Pool (click)

Getting there?

Crystal Pool is a 55 km drive from Krabi Town or 75 km from Ao Nang Beach. It’s possible on a motorbike, but you should probably just pay for a tour, it’s a much nicer way to get there.

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  1. Hi thr,
    kindly give us the best rate for day tour for :
    1) Sra Morakot (Emerald Pool, Crystal Pool, Emerald Pond)
    2) Sra Gaew Kayaking on Freshwater Spring Stream
    * please draft the itinerary for above tour.

    No of pax : 5 paxs (adults)
    Our travel period : 19 – 21 sep 2012

    Regards, Chew st

  2. Could you tell me any transport available for tour to Krabi Orchid Park from the Krabi airport?
    How far the distance be & being first time visitor, what shall be my best option to go there?

    Regards, Shahar

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