Krabi Weather April 1, 2015

Cloudy sky in Krabi

Here we are, the rainy season is queuing up for what might be a massive year for rain if it’s going to be as wet during the rainy season as the dry period was dry. It has been very dry for the last 2 months. Maybe 10 weeks someone said. That’s a long time. We had a total of two very light sprinkles that were done in less than 5 minutes on both occasions. That’s it! Very dry year, but this is almost the norm for this time. January through March is almost always very dry.

What sort of weather is coming to Krabi in May and June? Rain! Every year, without fail, it’s raining in May and June. The storms usually blow in and rain hard, then blow out. Not a big deal. Not until August, September, even October and November sometimes.

The rainy season starts out with a bang – fierce storms from May through November. During Aug-Nov there can be these extended torrential downpours that strain the draining systems in many towns and provinces. Krabi typically has no problem with flooding. I mean, there are streets that flood a bit, get a foot deep, maybe just slightly deeper. It is VERY rare for anything to be under 2 or more feet of water anywhere. Unless I just haven’t seen it. If you have, let me know the spots you know get flooded at 2 feet deep or more. Those are deep puddles!

The intersection by Wat Tham Seua temple at the stop light and intersection with Highway 4 used to get 1.5 feet deep during a harsh rain. All the rainwater from the huge 20 kilometer long mountain chain – the Phanom Bencha mountains, has to drain and it goes right down that road when the streams are all full. They did install some wider diameter pipes, so we’ll see how they do.

There are a couple places down on Uttaradit Road (river road) in Krabi town that flood a bit. Just spots. I’ve not seen anything over 1 foot deep there. Your motorbike can likely get through 1 foot of water. I wouldn’t try it if you’re renting though because you might have to pay for them to fix it if your bike dies in the puddle.

I’m not in Ao Nang much, but if you know of any problem flooding spots, let me know.

OK, so, prepare yourself for the rain. Get a waterproof diving bag and be ready to load your valuable electronics gear into there in case there is any rain.


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