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Emerald Pool Krabi (Sra Morakot, Crystal Pool)

Sra Morakot (สระมรกต) also known as – Emerald Pool Krabi, Emerald Pond, Crystal Pool, and Crystal Lagoon

Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot) Freshwater Spring-fed Pool in Krabi, Thailand. The water is cool and is one of the top things to do in Krabi.
Plenty of room in this cool, clean and fresh Emerald colored pool for a lot of people, but come early and beat the crowd.

Updated: 6 October 2017

This Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot) in Krabi province is one of our top suggestions for things you should do in Krabi, Thailand and the number one recommendation for enjoying the underground natural springs that flourish in Krabi province. Emerald Pool or pond is not a hot spring, but it is cool water that is just heavenly to swim in. The water is replenished by natural streams running into the pool from freshwater sources on the limestone hill above.

To see this lovely pool attraction…

For Emerald Pool Tour Info in Krabi – Click HERE.

Don’t miss the 15-minute video we’ve made about Sra Morakot – just scroll down to the bottom of the page to see it.

Blue Pool at Sra Morakot (Emerald Pool) is a spring-fed blue pool of freshwater you can take photos in front of in Krabi province, Thailand.
The Blue Pool is an extra bonus you can see while at Emerald Pool – don’t miss it for photos.
Sra Gaew Pool at Sra Morakot in Krabi, Thailand
You can choose the 1.4 km hike on a boardwalk like this, or walk .8 km up a dirt road – up to you. This pool shown is at the end of this walkway is Sra Gaew Pool – and there are many other beautiful pools of water on the way.
Green Sra Gaew Pool - Emerald Pool, Krabi province, Thailand.
On the raised boardwalk you will pass this – Sra Gaew Pool. It is located close to the Emerald Pool.

Sra Gaew Pool

Above is another pool of water, not for swimming, just looking and photos – but it can be quite beautiful at the right time of day.

Emerald Pool aka: Sra Morakot Pool in Khlong Tom, Krabi Province, Thailand.
Freshwater stream running down inot the big Emerald Pool – amazing beauty! Come early (before 2 pm) when the school kids arrive.

Bring with You to Emerald Pool in Krabi:

  • Swimsuit – bikini or briefs OK
  • Mosquito lotion (deet 28+ works best in Thailand)
  • Cold bottled water for the hike – no cans.
  • Camera and Video Camera
  • Sandals (sport sandals are best) so you can explore
  • Note – no food or cans are allowed. Still, we always bring water. There are refreshments available at the end of the trail near the pond. Fresh juice, ice-cream, coconut juice in the coconut. There is also a full compliment of restaurants serving Thai and seafood.

Cost of Admission:

A tour is about 1,100 THB from Krabi Town, and includes a stop at the Hot Spring too! One cool thing is that if you buy a National Park admission for the Emerald Pool, you will also get admission to the Hot Springs for just 100 THB (a good discount). The tour stops at both places.

National Park Fee: 200 THB for tourists at Crystal Pool and 100 THB for tourists at Hot Spring. Our daughter is 3.5 years old and she gets in for free.

Emerald Pool Travel Tips

  • Go in the morning before the kids get out of school – it gets really crowded then. It’s actually crowded from 10 am. onward. Get there earlier if possible.
  • Though it’s crowded – make the best of it!
  • Wear sports sandals or running shoes to get out there, it’s about 1 km on the dirt road.
  • Don’t bring food with you – they won’t allow it

Best Time to Go to this Krabi Attraction?

Best to go at 9 am. Go before 2-3 p.m. because children get out of school and sometimes there are 100+ kids here – they love it too!

Best way to get to Emerald Pool?

If you’re good on a motorcycle, just rent a motorbike and go yourself. It’s about a 55 km drive, but the roads are good and the last 15 km is through rural Krabi’s Klong Thom district with very little traffic. Quite a nice little drive. Plan on it taking you 1.25 hours to get there, or if you drive slowly and safely – around 1.6 hours.

Emerald Pool Krabi Cautions?

Best to wear some comfortable walking shoes because the Emerald Pool is 800 meters from the parking area. The walk is nice – under trees for the most part, and the path is a large, dirt path that’s quite safe. You could even get a stroller up to the pond if you wanted to. There is another option, there is a concrete raised walkway that goes through the forest. It is safe and quite beautiful as much of it goes along the freshwater stream. Highly recommended.

The areas around the pool are EXTREMELY SLIPPERY. Be very careful – we have seen many people FALL while trying to get in or out of the pool. There is no ladder!

How to Have the Best Experience?

Explore the entire area. There is a 1.4 km walk that goes over wooden boardwalk and dirt paths through the woods that leads to amazing pools of freshwater spring that most tourists won’t see because they’ll take the short 800 m walk. On this walk is the amazing “Sra Gaew Pool”. Also, once you arrive at the Emerald Pond you’ll want to continue up the hill from it and find the boardwalk on your left side. Keep walking another 400 m and you’ll find “Blue Pool!” Quite nice colors!

Directions to Get There

This is 55 km from Krabi Town and 75 km from Ao Nang. You really should book a tour with “Son” below. If you are going to drive yourself here are the directions. Starting from Highway 4 you will go through the Talod Gaew intersection traveling toward Trang. You will go about 30km on Highway 4, passing Nua Klong and then once you are in Klong Thom you will make a left-hand turn at the sign for the Crystal Pool – it may say “Sra Morakot Krabi” or “Emerald Pool Krabi” or “Emerald Pond Krabi”. This attraction is called all of these things! You continue for 9 km at which point you will make a right-hand turn at the sign for the pool. You will continue about another 7 km when you will see another sign for Sra Morakot and flags indicating the Thai National Park.

Or, just SIGN UP HERE and you’ll get an Air Conditioned Van >


There are some very basic rooms available on-site where you can stay overnight. Unless you’re planning on walking the park at night with a guide to see animals, I wouldn’t think you’d stay overnight. This place is out in the wilderness and there is literally nothing to do except visit the pond.

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For Tours Info around Krabi Town and Beaches – Click HERE.

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Video – Walking Tour of Emerald Pool (pond), Sra Gaew Pool, and Blue Pool:


Video of Small Lizard Found at Emerald Pool in Krabi

Tiger Temple Krabi – Wat Tum Seua – Krabi, Thailand

Tiger Temple Krabi in Thai is pronounced Wat Tum Sua (also called, “Wat Tham Suea”) is one of the most fun things to do in Krabi on your vacation. It’s real meaning is – Tiger Cave Temple, but few tourists remember the “cave” part!

[Last Updated: 13 April 2017]


You can make this a 4-6 hour trip – half-day or full-day. Make sure you eat a couple of hours before and have a lot of energy because you will need it to climb the mountain, and then later climb another 90 steps to get into the foothills area (see 2nd video, coming soon).

Watch the video to see the climb up the hill. Don’t let the idea of 1,256 steps scare you into not attempting it. We’ve seen 80+ year old people at the top, and a five-year-old that made the climb. Our seven-year-old daughter made it in 40 minutes. It’s difficult, but if you rest every fifty steps or so – you’ll be fine. There is almost always ice-cold water at the top for you. Bring a clean cup or a water bottle to refill so you don’t need to use the dirty cups at the top.

Krabi meditation at the Tiger Cave Temple is relaxing and recommended.
Wat Tham Seua, Tiger Cave Temple, is a good place to meditate at the top of the mountain if not too many people. Low season and rainy days are especially good. Or, anytime after 7 p.m. is usually good – bring a flashlight.

Tiger Temple Krabi History

Theravada Buddhist monk, Ajahn Jumnien, is the founding abbot of this amazing temple located at the beginning of the Khao Phanom mountain chain just outside of Krabi Town in the south central area of Krabi province. Ajahn Jumnien is a world-renowned meditation teacher and he travels to many continents to help others learn Buddhist meditation. Ajahn Jumnien is also well-versed in the mystical aspects of Buddhism and he creates many important amulets at his temple – which you can find

The temple started as a small place for monks to learn about Buddhism, and now has grown to be a massive temple and one of the most important Buddhist temples in Thailand’s South. There is a large Chedi being built – 99 meters high – of concrete. There is a very high set of steps to climb – 1,256 steps climbing 280 meters up a limestone hill – offering an absolutely stunning view at the top.

Tiger Temple Foothills Area

There is also a foothills area down to the left of the large Kwan Yin statue. You climb 90+ steps up, and another ~90 down and you are in a primary rainforest with gigantic palms and prehistoric looking plants. There are a group of monks who live here and meditate in the various caves located here. You can tour one of the shallow caves too – turn on the lights first, or bring a flashlight (torch).

Tiger Temple Thai Amulets for Sale

There are a few counters where you can buy authentic Thai amulets, blessed Theravada Buddhist bracelets, necklaces, and more. They have an extensive collection of amulets they create there at the temple for visitors to share across the globe. Spend a few minutes browsing around and see if you can’t find something as a gift for Buddhists or someone else special in your life.

View of Tiger Temple Krabi, Thailand from the road leading to it in Krabi province.


Wat Thamsua has a couple things to see and do. Outlined below:

1. Tiger Cave Temple is the tan/yellow colored building at the base of the hill close to where you will park. To the right of the building is a ramp and stairs leading up to the second floor. Once inside (remove your shoes) you can shop for Buddhist amulets at the counter, get a bracelet put on you from one of the women in white (nuns) and look at the 120+ Buddha statues. If you look to the front among the Buddha statues you’ll see a stairway that leads up to a special room where a Buddha footprint is as well as the most sacred place for the whole Wat Tum Sua temple. It’s small and crowded sometimes.

2. Outside the Tiger cave temple come back down to the ground level and walk left there are some buildings to see, but the next main attraction are the stairs leading up to the top of a small mountain (280 meters above sea level). There are 1,256 steps leading to the top that are challenging in the morning heat – best to go about 4 pm if you want coolest part of the day and to catch sunset, which is at times, amazing. There is cold water at the top of the climb (free) and places to sit or even lay down. I’ve seen all kinds of people make it to the top. A five year old boy, an 85 year old woman, and a 300 lb (130 kg?) guy. If you want to make it you CAN – just go slow. It’s not a race. Sunset is awesome here at Tiger Temple Krabi when it’s not rainy season. Rainy season is April or May through November.

3. After you go up the steps, or in lieu of it (spelling of lieu?) go further back into the grounds and see the Kwan Yin Statue – female goddess statue. Chinese people love this goddess. She is the Goddess of Compassion. Then to the left are more steps that lead to the foothills area of Wat Tham Seua. It’s about 88 steps up and 100 down into the foothills. There are 8 monks that live here and there’s a nature walk of maybe 400 meters around the perimeter of the foothills. Great for pics. Don’t miss the 1000 year old tree and the 2 caves. One cave you can walk back in and see a couple of rooms. Don’t stay long – in one cave it’s tough to breath. Not sure why that is.

4. There is a new building, a 99 meter high Chedi with 8 levels that might be done sometime in 2008. Looks cool from the outside. You can walk up now and see it – but not much to see just yet. Should be quite nice by time it’s finished.

5. Buy Amulets on-site or through this website.

Interesting Tiger Temple facts:

Built: Over 40 years ago.

Founder: Ajarn Jumnearn (Jumnien) Seelasettho from Surat Thani province north of Krabi. He lived in a small village, Ban Na San for a long time and had “Jack Kornfield, author and meditator, stay with him for a few years there.” Jack Kornfield invites Aj. Jumnearn back to California yearly to teach a meditation course with Jack.

Resident monks: 88 during the rains retreat time

Monks living in foothills area: Usually around eight (8)

Most times traveled to top of steps? Pra Pornpitak, 50 years old has been up about 2,000 times over the past 18 years and counting. At 1000 they had a special party for him at the top (I missed it due to traveling.)

Fastest time to top of stairs? There was a guy from Germany, a track runner, who climbed in 9 minutes and 20 seconds.

Most times to top of stairs in one day? I held the title briefly at 3. A 71 year old man, Alfred from the UK did it 4 times. Recently a young monk did it 5 times.

Update: Me and a friend climbed it 6 times one after another for a vertical mile of climbing! Took us about 4 hours.

Other interesting things of note: I found a meter long thin snake on the second level. I found a walking stick and a giant beetle. At step 357 there was a 4 meter long King Cobra I had to move off the steps (Interested in snakes?

At about step 800 there are sometimes a different group of monkeys (gibbons) that are very pretty to look at. They’re shy and don’t come close but if you can get a photo – they are very nice. I haven’t been able to get a photo yet. An American snapped photos of what the locals told him was a king cobra at the Tiger Temple Cave building. I saw the photos, I think it’s not a king cobra due to color, but it was a large monocled cobra. Occasionally there are a group of red monkeys – with bad tempers that come across the trees and visit the top of the Buddhist shrine and terrorize people. I’ve seen them just 3 times in 3 years.

Rain is falling daily now in Krabi. There are still hours of sunshine most days in September through November, but there will also be periods of rain. Sometimes hours. Sometimes just brief moments where it passes through. Still warm though at Tiger Temple Krabi!

Tips for Visiting Wat Tham Seua Temple in Krabi

About Monkeys (Macaques)

1. Park in Front. Do not park anywhere except at the beginning of the parking lot where other motorbikes and cars, buses, tuk-tuks are. The monkeys sometimes chew your motorbike seat and handlebar grips. Don’t leave food on your motorbike or under the seat – dogs, monkeys will find it.

2. Keep Food in Backpack. Do not take anything to eat with you that is outside your backpack since the monkeys may forcibly take it from you when they’re ravenous. Especially early mornings they are a bit nuts. Don’t leave your shoes, umbrellas or bags of anything laying around where the monkeys are – they’ll take them and play with them high in the trees.

3. Don’t Stare in the Eyes of the Monkeys, or smile and show your teeth – these behaviors are a direct threat to them. The big ones will show you their impressive array of teeth. The small ones will run from you, cowering.

4. Don’t feed the monkeys. Don’t get close to the monkeys. I have seen some horrible bites to visitors when the monkeys get angry. The monkeys have fangs and when they bite, it is a really bad bite. I’ve helped to carry a number of people down the stairs after bad monkey bites.

5. Don’t get between the adult monkeys and the babies. This can be the cause of a monkey bite – or full-blown attack by multiple monkeys.

6. Stay Calm. If a monkey jumps on you don’t flip out – just give it what it wants and he’ll get off. Seriously.

The Heat, Heatstroke

1,256 steps are tough in the heat. Take lots of water before, during, after climb. Once a girl from Malaysia almost died of heat exhaustion there. Recently I saw another Thai girl passed out and friends trying to revive her. It is a strenuous climb – bring a hat too!

Regarding Respect at Tiger Temple

1. Keep Shirts On. Don’t remove your shirts anywhere on the temple grounds. This isn’t the beach. It’s a Buddhist temple. You wouldn’t take your shirt off at a church in your country. Actually, you should never remove your shirt unless you’re on the sand at the beach. You should not ride your motorbike around Krabi town or walk the streets shirtless. That’s why Thais’ call you “key nok” – bird shite. Do as the Thais’ do, don’t bring your countries’ traditions here!

Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t wear to the Vatican in Rome. Do NOT wear a bikini. Do wear bras. This is a Buddhist temple, and though you’ll be sweating outside and it’s hot, swimwear is NOT acceptable.

You can wear sandals, shorts, t-shirts, hats, glasses, etc. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

2. Don’t Play Music. Don’t play music at the temple on your cell phone like some of the rude Thai kids you might see.

3. Don’t Kiss. Don’t kiss your honey at the top of the mountain. It’s a sacred place. Thais don’t show affection in public. NEVER at a temple.

4. Remove Shoes. You must remove your shoes at the top of the mountain before you get on the ceramic tiled part. The sign looks like it means only womens’ heels -but it means ALL SHOES.

Regarding Night Time at this Buddhist Temple

1. No Lights on Stairs. There are only a couple lights (or, as now, none) on the entire stairs. After you watch sunset (between 6:15 and 6:45) you should start down the stairs as you don’t want to get caught in the dark.

2. Bring a Flashlight. 7-11 sells small yellow flashlights powered by 2 AA batteries for just 50 baht that work well! Good for exploring caves too.

3. The Dogs at the Bottom. If you come down the steps at night there are very few people around, and the dogs may bark and follow you around. There have been dogbites occasionally, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on coming down late. I always pick up some rocks off the hill before I come down, and if the dogs are crazy, I start throwing big rocks at them. That chills them out. It doesn’t endear you to the monks, but then, at least you’re not bitten. There is a SERIOUS dog problem at the temple – like most temples. The dogs are not controllable.

Bring Water!

Do bring some water. There is water at the top, but you will need some before you get there. You will also need your plastic bottle to drink from as you refill it at the top. There are cups there, they are dirty. The water is clean, it is filtered. Bring water for the trip up and maybe down too. Coming down is also strenuous for some people, take some breaks.

Bottom Line – Is this Tiger Temple Worth the Trip?

A visit to this popular temple is an awesome experience, and one you shouldn’t miss. Besides Railay beach and Phi Phi islands, and Crystal Pond (Sra Morakot) this should be your next choice for something to do while you stay in Krabi, Thailand on your vacation.

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Map of Tiger Temple >

If you missed buying Thai amulets while at this temple, you can find amulets in Bangkok here, or items directly from this temple here.

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park Mountain

Tiger Temple Location – Directions

Ride your car, motorbike, or take a taxi or tour to Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tum Sua / Wat Tham Seua). This is a large Theravada Buddhist temple located just outside Krabi town in Krabi Noi area (little Krabi). On highway 4 from town, traveling towards Koh Lanta and Trang you’d make a left at the stoplight at the first sign of a large hill. This is the Khao Phanom Bencha mountain chain. You go about 2km and you’ll see the temple on your left side. The road is marked with a sign for the temple.

Don’t miss Tiger Temple Krabi – even if you don’t plan on climbing the big mountain, you can climb up into the foothills area and see where the monks live in the caves. There are turtles and 1,000 year old trees back in this area. There are some small caves to explore (look for the light-switch).

Want to see MORE PHOTOS?

Here is a page full of photos from the Wat Tham Suea Buddhist temple (CLICK)

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Krabi Things to Do – Climb Hang Nak Mountain (Hiking)

Viewed from Noppharat Thara area, Hang Nak Mountain in Krabi province, Thailand.

This challenging hiking trail is at Ngorn Nak Mountain. This is a strenuous hike, but can be completed by most people. A friend of ours, Alfred, is 73 and he hikes this mountain path pretty often. Sure, he’s exceptionally fit, but if you want to make it – you’ll make it. There are a couple steep parts, but overall it’s a gradual climb up a well-worn dirt path up the mountain.

This easily ranks as one of Krabi’s top 10 things to do for active people. Not sure we have it on the list or not, but we’ll get it there.

It’s a 3.7 km walk up to the summit (one-way, and 3.7 km back down) of Ngorn Nak / Hang Nak Mountain in Krabi’s Tub Kaak area (Nong Talay) district close to Noppharat Thara Beach, and Ao Nang Beach.

I’ve summited the mountain here over 200 times, it is one of my favorite trail running activities in Krabi, and one that I do a few times per week. This is a trail leading to the summit – bottom to the top, and it gains 450-500 meters of elevation (1,640 feet) approximately during the course of your climb.

HERE is our FREE Guide for Trekking on this Mountain (PDF)


HERE is that same PDF online here at this site – see it now on one big page.

There are many animals to be seen, mostly lizards – Calotes emma, and gliding lizards are plentiful. Occasionally you will see a snake, but I’ve only seen one venomous snake in all my climbs, so I think it is little to worry about. Still, watch where you step on the trail, the Malayan Pit Viper (Calloselasma rhodostoma) is common in rainforests across Thailand.

The climb will take an average fit person about 90 minutes to reach the top. I mean really quite fit. The average unfit person it might take 150-180 minutes just to reach the top. Coming down from top to bottom will take a similar amount of time, so don’t think you’ll fly down in an hour. Budget your time because the rainforest begins getting dark around 5 pm. Earlier if there is rain and clouds.

The forest is pitch black quickly, and even if there is a full moon, you won’t see much light. You’ll be camping there overnight if you’re not down in time, or have a good flashlight (torch).

The highlight of the mountain climb is the climb itself. It’s the nature. It is hearing and maybe seeing the howling gibbons in the trees. The squirrels. The cicada noises. The top of the mountain features 3 viewpoints before you reach the top. All are interesting and can make for great photos.

The summit has amazing views of Ao Nang beaches, Noppharat Thara Beach, Krabi town if it’s clear… Koh Phi Phi Islands if it’s clear. If you find yourself at the top during a storm, you won’t feel very safe – for good reason. Get back under the tree canopy if there is lightning, or you’re a sitting duck!

If it rains, it doesn’t get so muddy that you shouldn’t go. I frequently go during downpours. You get wet, but it isn’t all that slippery. A couple sections can be a bit treacherous, but again, reasonably fit and flexible people should be able to make it to the top.

I wouldn’t suggest kids under 12 attempt this climb, but I have seen a child as young as 7 complete it. You know your kids. Plan accordingly.

Temperature is nearly always 90 degrees F or hotter, and the humidity in Krabi is almost always high. Bring 2 liters of water per person. I know, sounds like a lot. Wait until you see how much you’ll drink!

There is no charge to climb this trail. It is a national park, but no fees, no sign-in sheet, nothing. There is a small convenience shop at the bottom that sells drinks. Bring your own Gatorade from 7-11.

It is possible to camp at the top or near the waterfall if you are a real die-hard. There are no facilities, bring your own tent, etc.

Oh, the waterfall is not really a waterfall. It’s water falling off the side of a very small hill. It’s a non-event. I go to look for snakes there sometimes, but rarely see anything. It’s hardly worth the extra 500 meter walk to go see it (roundtrip).

Hope this helps. Cheers!

Download our Free Guide for this Mountain Hike – HERE!

Here are some photos…

Mountain hiking entrance in Krabi Mountain - Hang Nak in Tub Kaak district.

Steps up mountain hiking trail at Ngorn Nak Mountain, which have corroded and are no longer there. It is just a muddy hill climb here now.

Hang Nak Mountain Summit (Ngorn Nak Summit) in Tub Kaak Subdistrict, Krabi province, Thailand

Viewpoint #1 at Hang Nak Mountain, Tub Kaak subdistrict, Krabi province, Thailand

Every year there is a race up the mountain – but the date the race is on, changes constantly. This Thailand mountain climbing race is open to Thais and foreigners alike. It is usually in March and will have pre-registration at 0800 and race at 0900. It is a mass chaotic start.

Location: Tub Kaak. From Ao Nang go past Noppharat Thara Beach to Tub Kaak. It is difficult to find on a map. Your best bet is a tour.
Hiking Distance: 3.7 kilometers (about 2.4 miles)
Vertical Gain: 500 meters (about 1,500 feet)
Time to complete round-trip bottom-top-bottom: – about 2 hours if you walk very fast. Three to four hours average.
Cautions: Stay on the path, if you are lost it may be hours before someone knows or can find you.
Essentials: Bring 2 liters of water for each person. Bring snacks to eat at the top.

Video of View at Top of Hang Nak (Ngorn Nak) Mountain:

View Ngorn Nak Mountain Climb map in a larger map

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3 – 7 Hour Hiking (Trekking) in Krabi Forest

Waterfalls near Krabi Hiking in Forets

(Last Updated: 25 January 2017)

Outside of Krabi Town, up the Khao Phanom mountain chain, sits a mountain resort that is as close to nature as you can possibly get in Krabi. We have been going here for eight years, and it is one of our favorite places to go for a relaxing weekend and sit in the freshwater pool, or sleep in hammocks on the porch of our bungalow. We strongly recommend it (

Because they are right in the forest, they offer a couple of amazing hikes. You need not stay at the resort to do the hikes, but, once you are there you should really take advantage of the opportunity. There is no other resort in Krabi that is this surrounded by nature found at the edge of primary forest.

HIKE #1 – 4 Hour Night Time Krabi Wildlife Tour!

See amazing Thailand primary rainforest fauna (animals) like Geckos, Lizards, Scorpions, Frogs, Spiders, Snakes, and even SLOW LORIS!

See HERE for info.

HIKE #2 – Khao Phanom Mountain Top Climb

This hike starts in the morning. Summit is reached around 3-4 pm. We sleep in tents until the morning and then take photos from the top, and start the walk back down the mountain. This is a strenuous hike recommended only for people in good shape. Some of the climb is steep, and you will be carrying water and maybe a tent, so consider these things and the fact that it may be hot and humid for the climb up. There is water on the way, so if you have a purification straw or other kit – bring it so you don’t need to carry so much water!

Cost: 6,800 Baht / person.

Tours run ONLY during dry season (December through April).

Contact Us HERE if you are interested in this mountain hike.

HIKE #3 – Hang Nak / Ngorn Nak Mountain Peak Hike (NIGHT HIKE)


This is a 3.7 km (2.3 miles) trek (7.4 km (4.6 miles) for up and down) through dense rainforest on a dirt path. It has a rather significant climb, the peak is at 500 meters elevation. Most people can do this climb, we’ve seen 50-60 year olds at the top as well as kids about 12 years old. Here is the link to our information page for this hike…

Hang Nak / Ngorn Nak Mountain Hike (click)


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Rainforest hiking in Krabi province, Thailand.

Krabi Weather Update – July 23, 2016

Green Sra Gaew Pool - Emerald Pool, Krabi province, Thailand.
On the raised boardwalk at Sra Morakot Pool you will pass this – Sra Gaew Pool. It is located close to the Emerald Pool.

The weather in Krabi has been really delightful for about the last 12 days. We have had very brief showers every few days or so, but nothing substantial that would curtail any of your planned tourist activities in the Krabi Province.

July and August are really great times to come because often there are strings of 5-7 days with no rain at all which are also cooler because there are a lot of clouds in the sky which help cancel out the burning sunshine.

No doubt we’ll have more rain building as we move toward September and October, but right now we’re in the absolute prime-time of the year because there are are few tourists – prices are low – and the weather just cannot be beat.

If you’re looking for something to do during your time in Krabi, don’t miss our top tour pages HERE.

One thing that many people have been doing lately is the climb up the mountain stairs at the Buddhist temple called “Wat Tham Seua” (Tiger Cave Temple). No tigers there, but they do have a really extensive temple there with lots of things to see including monks living in caves in the foothills area.

If you’re looking for something different to do, you could stay at a mountain wildlife resort and go on their wildlife tour for a few hours one night. The place is nestled between towering limestone karst formations and the family that runs the wilderness resort is really excellent at making you feel like you’re right there at home!

They have paths to walk on, a freshwater pool to wade in. They have really excellent food and the price is right. Bungalows are on a sloping hill that is cool at night with a fan in your room.


What To Do When Raining in Krabi?

Amazing lush greenery and wilderness areas to explore.
Rainshower over the bungalows at Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort cleared up in 10 minutes.

When it’s raining in Krabi, most people will sit in their room and eat junk food or drink themselves into oblivion. There’s plenty of time for that when night time rolls around, so don’t do it yet.

What do Thais do when it rains?

Go to Tesco / Lotus for the most part. Krabi doesn’t have any Central World Mall like most big cities, so we’re stuck with what we have – Tesco. The Tesco complex is a 10-15 minute taxi ride from Krabi Town, or a 30 minute ride from Ao Nang. They have Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dairy Queen stand, Hot Pot Restaurant, a food court where they sell common Thai dishes, and there are tons of little shops around the mall selling all sorts of little nicknak type things.

They do have an iStudio – which sells APPLE computers, monitors, iPhones, iPads, and accessories.

On the bottom floor they have a couple of electronics stores which have Asus, Acer, and some Toshiba computers. They sell Samsung phones, and some other brands there too. In the Tesco upstairs on the second floor, they have Samsung phones too in the electronics section.

If you have kids, there is a little area for them to play electronic games – which will give you a break for 30 minutes if you’re tired of being on your feet.


There is a movie theater up on the second floor of Tesco. They sometimes (rarely) play English titles, but you can check.


If it’s raining, it’s cool. That means it’s a great time to exercise, as long as there is no lightning. Running around Thara Park in Krabi Town, or along the beach sidewalk or road in Ao Nang, is nice in the rain. Another excellent thing to do when raining or just after a rain is to climb the Wat Tham Seua steps at the temple. The cooler air makes the difficult climb it so much more tolerable. Then at the top there are often clouds in your face, and it makes for some amazing photos.

A lot of people inadvertently end up at Crystal Pool or the Krabi Hot Springs while it’s raining, and that’s not too bad considering you’re going to get wet anyway. The Huay Toh Waterfall is another place you might consider.

What NOT To Do When It Rains in Krabi?

Ride a motorbike. Motorbikes (scooters) are dangerous enough when it isn’t raining. When it does rain, Thais drive like they have to get somewhere faster. It’s mayhem on the roads. Do not drive around on your motorbike when the roads are wet – you’re increasing your risk of an accident by a number of times.

Natural Hot and Cold Springs in Krabi

There are many hot springs and cool freshwater springs bubbling up from Krabi’s ground.

You will probably want to visit some of these places. We’ve reviewed the following best of the best for you here. Do go see the videos about the springs because words can’t possibly describe them.

List of Best Krabi Hot and Cold Springs to Visit:

Sra Morakot Pool in Krabi, Thailand. This is a cool freshwater fed spring pool of water that is a major tourist attraction in Krabi province. Also known as "Crystal Pool, Emerald Pool, and Emerald Pond".
Sra Morakot Pool in Krabi, Thailand. Also known as – Crystal Pool, Emerald Pool, and Emerald Pond.

Sra Morakot (Emerald Pool, Crystal Pool, Emerald Pond) – We’d call this the number one spring attraction in Krabi. It is stunningly beautiful and you’ll take many photos and videos to show your friends at home. The water is ultra clear and clean, and the views are just perfect.

Video of Sra Morako (Crystal Pool):

Our full information page on Crystal Pool (click)

Getting there?

Crystal Pool is a 55 km drive from Krabi Town or 75 km from Ao Nang Beach. It’s possible on a motorbike, but you should probably just pay for a tour, it’s a much nicer way to get there.

* * * * * *
For Tours Info around Krabi Town and Beaches – Click HERE.

Krabi Weather Update – 14 June 2015

Rain forecast for June in Krabi province, including town and Ao Nang, all the beaches
Raining in Krabi Town right now as I write this…

OK, here it is – the Krabi province weather update for mid-June 2015.

It’s pouring rain this morning, and that is what reminded me that I need to do an update here to let you all know how the weather is looking. We are at the very beginning of the rainy season, and honestly, unless this rain continues for a couple days, we haven’t even really begun yet.

Typically June is a month with some really good rain-showers, but then some days in between, even up to a week with little or no rain at all. June is a great time to come. Our rain so far in the first half of June has been very minimal. Though, as I said, today it has sprinkled rain lightly all morning and now at lunch time it is really coming down hard.

Probably we’re going to see the start of the rainy season from today. That means it might rain 1-2, maybe 3 days in a row, but then give us a break for a few days. It might rain briefly at certain times of the day – mornings or afternoons around 3 pm. Sometimes it even rains in the 6 pm. timeframe. So it may rain like this almost every day, lightly, during these times. That is the typical pattern for June and even into July… but as we get closer to October, the rains increase, and the days it rains increases.

Flooding in Krabi is kept to a minimum for a number of reasons, primarily because there are efficient ways for the tons of rainwater to reach the ocean quickly and it need not sit in one place. However, there are certain places where water does pool up and you may find your motorbike or car plowing through 1-2 feet of water at times if you’re near the river in Krabi Town, or at some locations over in Ao Nang.

Flash floods in Krabi – I haven’t heard of them, except at the base of the mountain – Khao Phanom, they sometimes have a LOT of water floating down the stream and it can at times flow over the street in a strong rush.

I’ll try to remember to update you on the rain and flooding situation later.