TOP 6 Things to Do in Krabi, Thailand

Crystal Pool (Sra Morakot) swimming hole in Krabi province, Thailand.

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#1 Krabi Things To Do – Crystal Pool and Hot Spring (Hike + Swimming)


(Page Updated: 24 August 2017)

This Krabi tour starts with pickup at your hotel and takes you to 2 of the most lovely places in Krabi province – Crystal (Emerald) Pool and the Hot Springs. Crystal pool is cool water, and the hot springs are much warmer. Both feel great!

#2 Krabi Things To Do – Night Time Wildlife Tour!

Krabi wildlife tour brings you face to face with green crested lizards, geckos, snakes, frogs, and more.

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This tour requires at least one night stay at a remote wilderness resort located at the base of a huge mountain with primary rainforest – Khao Phanom Mountain. The tour goes from 7 pm. to 9:00 pm. You can see MANY ANIMALS you will probably never see again in your life. The last Krabi nature tour we did saw 8 geckos (Cyrtodactylus genus), 2 snakes (mangrove and Malayan krait), scorpions, birds sleeping in trees at the head-height level, lizards, dozens of frogs and many different species, bats, spiders, and many other interesting insects. This is a SAFE TOUR and is OK for children 12 and older.

#3 Krabi Things To Do – Wat Tham Seua Buddhist Temple Tour (and climb!)

Wat Tham Seua Theravada Buddhist temple in Krabi, Thailand shows the view at the top.

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This is our favorite thing to do in Krabi because we like great views. The 1,256 steps leading up this mountain temple provides STUNNING views of Krabi town, the beaches, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Jum, Ngorn Nak Mountain in Tub Kaak, and more. Don’t Miss this even if you don’t want to climb the steps – there are plenty of amazing Buddhist statues and even caves where monks live in the foothills area.

Best For: Families, Singles, Couples

#4 Krabi Things To Do – Hiking Up Ngorn Nak Mountain (Trekking!)

View from top of 500 meter high mountain in Krabi, Thailand called Ngorn Nak mountain.

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One of our favorite things to do in Krabi also because you can see wildlife and there is a mind-blowing view at the top of Ngorn Nak (Hang Nak) mountain. DON’T PAY FOR A TOUR – DO IT FREE!

#5 Krabi Things To Do – Railay Beach Afternoon

Long-tail boats docked at Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand near Ao Nang Beaches.

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The trip to Krabi wouldn’t be complete without a 10-minute long-tail boat ride to Railay Beach. The only way there is by boat, and it’s a little paradise where you can swim, snorkel, or explore small caves and climb up to a viewpoint.

#6 Krabi Things To Do – Huay Toh Waterfall and Prom Rattanporn Buddhist Temple (Caves!)

Caves at at Buddhist temple named Prom Rattanporn in Krabi province, Thailand.

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The waterfall has falling water all year round, but the best months are June through December. There are many levels you can climb up to. The Prom Rattanporn temple is just a very small little Buddhist temple with a couple monks and an extensive cave system which you can tour through!