Snakes in Krabi?

Mangrove cat snake in Krabi, Thailand.

Sure there are some venomous and non-venomous snakes in Krabi, Thailand, but you probably won’t see any at all. We know people who go looking for them, and don’t always find them after spending a few hours in the rainforest looking right where they should be. They are very good hiders and even if you come to Thailand multiple times, you probably won’t ever see a snake here. There are many reasons for that, but the biggest one is that they don’t like people – Thais regularly kill any snake they see.

Here is a great website about Thailand Snakes. They have information about how to find them, how to avoid them, etc. There are a couple of books – one is a free Ebook you should get if you’ll be staying in Thailand for any length of time and you want to learn about some of the common snakes you might find in your yard or around your home while you are here.

If you want to look for snakes and go on a herping tour – herping expedition field trip, have a look here.


Welcome to Krabi and “!”

Ao Nang Krabi, Thailand Rainbow
Rainbows are all over Krabi, Thailand!

We hope you’ll be coming to Krabi, Thailand soon to experience some of what we’ve known for years. Krabi is the absolute primo destination in the amazing country of Thailand. There is no other Thai province like it. There are probably more things to do in Krabi than in any other province with maybe the exception of Phuket – which has a heck of a lot to do!

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Dangerous Driving in Krabi

Krabi's famous cavemen traffic lights intersection.
Krabi’s famous cavemen traffic lights intersection. ©2015


Having lived in Krabi Town for over six years now, we have seen a lot of what the city and beach areas have to offer and we thought we should alert visitors to the traffic / driving situation here. To put it mildly, it is dangerous.

We’ve lived in the city centers (Ampur Muang) of Ubon Ratchathani, Sisaket, Surat Thani, Phuket, and Krabi. We have visited many other cities, sometimes for weeks at a time. We’ve driven in and through hundreds of cities across Thailand. Krabi is one of the worst places to drive in the country.

Why is this?

I don’t think we have the answer. There are probably many answers. There is little or no planning or forethought given to traffic flow or property use (zoning) restrictions. There are 7-11’s on the main Maharat Road but there is no parking for customers. What happens then is people park into the main highway, double-parking. Cars get blocked in. Vehicles coming down the highway have to brake suddenly, not expecting parked cars in the main traffic lanes.

There are many Thais that drive like they are the only ones on the road. Selfish driving is at its peak in Krabi for some reason. Maybe some people think they are very important and can do whatever the hell they want. Maybe others can. It’s a small town atmosphere here and those in power can do as they wish. I don’t know if they’re the ones driving like complete idiots on the road, but it wouldn’t surprise me too much.

The traffic situation at MAKRO shopping market is the most dangerous I have seen in Thailand. Those exiting Makro must do a U-turn in the middle of a highway where vehicles – buses, trucks, tractor trailers, other vehicles are all traveling over 100 kph. Stopping in the fast lane to u-turn sometimes takes minutes at a time to wait for oncoming traffic.

Two days ago three people DIED at that intersection. You should know by now that Trucks and buses don’t slow down for ANYTHING. They just beep the horn and swerve out of the way at the last second. There is a reason for all the major bus and truck accidents in this country – the drivers are (many times) completely incompetent and should be in jail, not on the roads.

Today a young girl, first year at the university, was killed when the motorbike her mother was driving was knocked over by a car coming out of a side street without stopping. Both mother and daughter were thrown from the motorbike into the street. A car behind ran over the young girl and she was killed.

The white vans in Krabi? It is absolutely unbelievable that these clowns race back and forth from the airport and tailgate people in the fast or slow lanes. They are reckless and incompetent. They think the road is there only for them, and a good number of them will surely die on the roads – some with their passengers! They’re the worst drivers in the province!

I could go on and on about the unsafe roads in Krabi, Koh Samui, Phuket, and other places. Please be careful driving in Krabi. Don’t take anything for granted – even a green light. I’ve seen vehicles blast through red lights that have been red for 10 seconds.  Go cautiously through green lights and all intersections. The only good thing about driving in Krabi is that Koh Samui and Phuket are MORE DANGEROUS than Krabi…


Krabi Shutdown in Wake of Bangkok Shutdown 2014?

No. Business as usual. Bring your family, enjoy the beach. Stay away from Bangkok and you’ll be fine. The situation could change at anytime in Bangkok and some of the provinces, but Krabi is always quite stable and no real problems develop because of protests. There are plenty of protesters here – supporters of the group shutting down Bangkok, but, they don’t really bring it home and gridlock Krabi over it.


Krabi Bike Week and Street Fair on the River in Krabi Town

On the river road – Uttarakit (Uttaradit on some signs) down in the center of Krabi Town there is an ongoing fair with a lot of shops setup. Good spot for walking around if you have family and want to try some of the local fast foods. Our daughter was begging us to go with her to get her a balloon, and we didn’t get there yet today. Now she’s sleeping like a log, and probably won’t get to go today either!

Krabi has many of these little street fairs, though usually not right there on the river like this on the main road. Traffic is a bit of a bother, but there is so little traffic in Krabi usually that it doesn’t matter so much. Go if you have the time. Not sure if this will be ongoing for this entire week or not. I think it probably will – it took a lot of effort to bring this to fruition.

Krabi Bike Week is going on. So, all these guys with loud motorcycles that want people to look at them are flying all over town. I don’t get it, but maybe you do and want to ride around with them?

Meditation for Beginners – New Books from Thailand Author

Online ebook about meditation, geared toward beginning meditators.

There are a couple of new books out about meditation for beginners if you’re looking for something to read and do while you are in Krabi, Thailand for your vacation.

First you know there are lots of Buddhist temples in Krabi, so you would have some great places to meditate if you choose to.

Here are the BOOKS (click) to help you meditate. Both are very affordable!

  • Meditation for Beginners – a 22 day course
  • Meditation for Beginners – Secrets for Success

Both of these ebooks are also available at

Krabi Cultural Festival 11/1 to 11/3

There is a large cultural festival going on down at the Krabi river area near downtown, near the police box on the main Uttarakit Road. Traffic is restricted totally at night – no automobiles can get through, and severely limited during the day time. There are many cultural demonstrations showing what life is like in all parts of Thailand. There are demonstrations for Muslims, Buddhists, farmers, etc. If you are looking for something fun to do, this would be something you can walk around and look at. Traffic is absolutely nuts this first weekend the show has been on.

Update – it’s over. Only a weekend thing. Strange because there was a LOT of construction for the booths. They are now tearing it all down.


Krabi International Hospital – Krabi Nakharin Hospital

International Nakharin Hospital in Krabi

Part of the issue with moving to Krabi, and for us – staying in Krabi, has been the lack of a decent hospital in town. Foreigners demand high standards, and personally, we’ve never felt like we had that in Krabi before this.

Krabi is going to be home to a new international hospital located just off Thanon Maharat (Maharat Road) between Krabi Road and Maharat Road just outside of downtown Krabi on Pisalpop Road. The name is to be Nakharin Hospital, not to be confused with a hospital of the same name in Nakhon si Thammarat to the northeast of Krabi.

This new hospital is slowly taking shape. It was originally slated to be finished in June of 2011. We’re now in November, and they have another 6 months or so to go. The hospital is in the midst of construction now, and there seem to be 6 stories. It is said to be a 120 bed hospital on ten rai of land, and will be named, “Nakharin”.

Prior to this, foreigners had to drive all the way to Phuket for a hospital with international standards (and cost). Now Krabi residents can enjoy better quality care without going 2+ hours away. This will be nice in emergencies – yes?!!

Location – Pisalpop Road off Thanon Maharat, just down the hill from the ‘elephant traffic lights’.

What will this new Krabi hospital look like when it’s finished?

Nakharin Hospital Project - Krabi, Thailand.
Nakharin Hospital Project – Krabi, Thailand. Copyright 2011, Apornpradab Buasi.

In addition to this new Krabi hospital, is another clinic said to be going in at the Port Takola Marina – in Ao Nang Beach area of Krabi. This will be an effort by the “Bangkok Hospital Group” – and will also have high standards of care.

UPDATE 12/2013 – The hospital applied for a license and failed to get it. The entire complex will now be turned into luxury apartments and a high-end shopping district.

UPDATE 1/7/2014 – Driving by over the last week, the name “Nakharin Hospital” is posted on the outside of the building, and it appears to be a hospital that will open. A reader wrote a few days ago and said it will be open in early January. So, apparently they are ready to open their doors. This will be good news for foreigners that want to move to Krabi to live, it could be part of the devastation that is to become Krabi if too many come here and it turns into another Pattaya, Patong Beach, Samui, or Phi Phi.

It looks like there will be a high-end shopping complex called “Villaggio” around the hospital.

UPDATE 2/12/14

Here is a video of the interior of the Nakharin Hospital in Krabi – wow.