Hungry? Best Krabi Food

Fried Rice at Ruen Thip Restaurant - Krabi, Thailand
Fried rice – our daughter always gets either this, or the sour soup.

Having lived here for a few years we have found a number of great food places to eat at including restaurants and food stands on the street. We’ll share all we know below!

Krabi Town

Thai Food Restaurants

There are a number of good restaurants in Krabi town that we’ve eat at. A number of them have been good every time we ate there – so that’s our main criteria for listing them here.

Sawasdee Restaurant
A small mom and pop (literally) restaurant that doesn’t look like much, but, they serve consistently good food every single time we dined there. And the count is up around a couple hundred times by now. Especially good is the Pad Cee-Yu – thick noodles with broccoli or other greens. It’s a big plate – will fill you up.

Directions: Just across Uttarakit Road from the Krabi Hospital close to steps from over-highway walkway.

The Lake
That’s what we call it. What the true name is – I’ll find it later. Today it’s “The Lake”. This is a Muslim owned restaurant which does not serve pork – but has chicken and beef dishes. The food is great – every time. We typically eat Grapow Neu-uh here (Spicy beef with Thai basil), Pad Pak (stir fried vegetables), and their spicy Tom Yum soup. There are two seating areas – the first is up by the road with about 10 tables. The other area is down by a couple tiny lakes (ponds) where they have bamboo huts setup. A lovely setting. The mosquitoes are thick here – and they’ll light the citronella candles to keep them away. This is a great place to eat at night – the candles really do keep the mosquitoes away. They have drop down plastic windows that come down that really help block mosquitoes too. Try this place.

Directions: Go away from the center of Krabi town traveling up the river road (Uttaradit/ Uttarakit). You’ll pass a bike shop on the left, and then start looking for a stop light. At the light make a left and go up the hill. On the right is a break in the road. The Lake restaurant is right there at that break, you’ll see the tables.

Soup Lady
If you like Gwit Dee-Ow Moo or Neu-uh this Thai lady has the best in town and for very decent prices. Get a large bowl for 35 THB. Small for 30 THB. She uses fresh ingredients and it’s always done perfectly. She gives the fish balls, and chunks of whichever meat you ordered. The pork (and beef) is good quality – not full of fat like some places that buy the cheap meat. There is a bowl of spicy Tom Yum type spices you can put in your soup to really liven it up. Go easy unless you really like spicy food like we do!

Directions: On same road as “The Lake”. Right outside the Krabi City government buildings and across from the small primary school. Also across from a number of Clubs – one of which is called, “Cowboy Club.” The road connects Maharat Road and Uttaradit (Uttarakit it is also called).

Seafood Gwit Diao #1
There are two places that serve this Tom Yum type flavored Gwit Diao which I think is a southern Thailand creation. One is in the center of town on the same side of Maharat Road that Vogue Mall is on near the Caveman traffic lights in downtown Krabi. It is a small street stand on the corner – and it’s the same corner that a women’s pregnancy clinic is on – so if you see a lot of pregnant Thai women – that’s it! Ask the woman for Tom Yum. It’s actually more like Gwit dee-ow and has great tasting fish flavored dumplings and crab flavors in it. Great stuff. Very cheap – I think 40 THB for a bowl.

Seafood Gwit Diao #2
This one is actually even better than the first one – but, unless you’re local in Krabi town you’re going to have a little difficulty finding it. This one also serves a tom yum style gwit dee-ow soup with fish and crab flavored dumplings – and some big yellow triangle chip type crunchy treats (2 free or buy a bag). This is a major favorite of Thais that work in Krabi town so if you’re thinking about getting there between noon and 1300 hours you’ll wait sometimes considerably (20 minutes) to get your bowl of soup. It’s worth the wait though – it’s the best in Krabi. Update – we had this the other night and it was just like it always was… perfect.

Directions: They have moved! From Krabi town going away from town on Uttaradit Road. Go through 2 lights – both of them have a 7-11 on the left side. You’ll also pass 2 bike shops on the left. As you pass the second one and you’re coming down a little hill make a u-turn. Drive a couple of hundred yards and you’ll see it on the left. I’ll have to get a photo of it, because it’s hard to know which is it. It’s a wide open room with a lot of tables and plastic chairs inside. There are soup stands in front – with noodles and veggies hanging from hooks. Worth finding!

Best Som Tam Street Stand?
If you like Som Tam and BBQ Chicken you will love this place. While you’re there you might also try the Bamboo Lahp – it is amazing and we eat one of those two things about every two-three days. Sometimes every day of the week for lunch. We get a large som tam with one leg/thigh of bbq chicken for less than one-hundred baht. She also has this sauce for the chicken that is unreal – very delicious. I think she’ll give you that at the table, but you have to ask for it if you’re doing take-out. She makes great lahp too. She does not speak English.

This is a small stand on the side of the road that connects Maharat and Uttaradit Roads.

Directions: If you are starting from Krabi town you go up Maharat Road and go past the traffic lights with the caveman, the bird, and the elephants. Just as you start down a hill you’ll see a right hand turn for this road. Take it. Som tam lady is down the hill on the right side. You’ll see longtail boat engines and other heavy engines in a garage. She is right beside that with some bamboo thatch huts. We just ate there a couple times again this week – awesome.

Best Lahp Moo (or Gai)
This place makes the best Isaan (Isarn) food in Krabi, so if that’s your thing – get there! We’ve had the lahp gai and moo, som tam, bbq chicken, and other dishes there and it’s always been good. The Thais eat there the most it seems like.

Directions: On Krabi Road. Krabi road is the third road parallel to Uttaradit and Maharat. Krabi road has the prison and some Thai high schools there. Just down from the main Krabi primary school (Isaranuson) where they have the English program, is this small restaurant – no frills. It’s very hard to describe where it is – so I’ll take a photo of it and put it on their page.

Best Western Food in Krabi Town

Pizzeria Firenze
They closed. More info here ->

The Garden
We’ve been eating here for the past maybe two months and we’ve yet to have a bad meal. The place is spacious and the wind is just right in the evenings. The food is Thai with some Italian – that’s what I remember, but there is probably more. I only get the pizza and my daughter gets the ham sandwich with cheese. Then my wife, when she makes an appearance, gets the baked spinach with cheese – something like this. It’s all delicious. The bread here for the sandwiches is just perfect. Highly recommended.

Directions: Krabi Road on the right side as you’re coming from Krabi Town and heading toward Makro. It’s on the hill. It was in a past life, a German Restaurant.

Viva Italian Restaurant
This has been a Krabi landmark for tourists for about 7+ years now. The pizza is awesome. The Thai food too – excellent. Sorry I can’t review anything else because I go there and must get pizza every time I eat there. It’s something like 280 THB for a large pizza that would fill up one hungry person. The Thai food is amazing too  – and could list this as one of the best Thai restaurants as well. Excellent food when not overcooked. If you don’t want your pizza dark brown on the top and bottom, make sure you tell the waitress (maybe a couple of times) as you order.

Directions: From the police station in the center of Krabi downtown walk up the tiny alley looking road toward Maharat Road. Make a right. It’s there on the corner of two small cross streets.

Pizza Company
Maybe it’s just grown on me after 6 years in the country, but I think Pizza Company is almost acceptable pizza. In the USA I thought Pizza Hut had pizza too, so that’s where I’m coming from. I grew up on Pizza Hut so Pizza Co. is basically a clone of that. If you buy a 2 for 1 card you can save considerably on pizza you buy and pick up at their restaurant. They won’t deliver it to your door if you use the 2 for 1 card. 2 large pizzas with the car – with extra cheese and pepperoni is about 480 THB. Much more than most pizza places in the US – but, we’re not in Kansas anymore, are we?

Directions: Inside Vogue Mall – stay on left side of main floor and you’ll see it back past Timex watches and women’s clothes. Near the stairwell.

Best Thai Food in Ao Nang

Ok, admittedly we don’t really know if these places are the best. These are the best we’ve found – but we are not there often at all. In fact, there are very few Thai places we know in Ao Nang because we always eat in Krabi town. That said, these are some great places to eat – but maybe there is even better there? Write and let us know! (thailandedge[{@}]

Place on Hill – Bamboo Huts
Info coming.

Som Tam / BBQ Chicken stand
Info coming.

Noppharat Thara Beach Restaurants
There is a group of 3-4 big restaurants right on Noppharat Thara Beach and we’ve always eaten at the biggest one with the large heavy wooden tables and not had a bad meal there. Their seafood selection is awesome – always good. We usually get Tom Yum Talay (seafood tom yum) and some Pad Thai or Gai Pad King (Spicy Ginger Chicken).

Directions: Right at Noppharat Thara beach parking lot. The biggest place with heavy wooden tables. Will get name later. 🙂

Best Western Food in Ao Nang

Red Devil Italian Restaurant - Ao Nang

Red Devil Fine Italian Restaurant
I ate here the other night and it was excellent. I had the Real Napoletana pizza with salami topping and a coke. It was done perfectly. The Real Napoletana is twice as thick as the other pizzas, and the thickest pizza I’ve found in Krabi town or in Ao Nang so far. The bread is mouth-watering and the cheese, sauce and salami were all just right. I ate the entire pizza myself it was that good. If you want to have a look at the menu and photos before you go – here is Umberto’s menu (with prices) for Red Devil.

Directions:  Location is on the road leading into Ao Nang, the road that passes the Thailand Post office and McDonalds. Red Devil is at the intersection of this road and the turn off road that goes to Ao Nam Mao. It’s a big red sign, on the corner at this main intersection. HIGHLY recommended. Prices are reasonable, my pizza and coke with glass of ice were just 330 THB. About $10 USD.

Spaghetti House
I had about six meals here and enjoyed them all immensely. The food was first rate and delicious pizza and salad. The pizza is very thin if that’s what you like.

Directions:  Up the hill from McDonalds / Starbucks on the same side of the street. Up off the sidewalk, walk up some steps to reach it.

In Ao Nang I usually only eat at Subway if I have anything. Occasionally I’ll go to that Starbucks but it seems every single coffee I get is a latte – no matter what I order. Coffee is not a Thai specialty, as you’ve probably already discovered. Supposedly the big Indian restaurant in Ao Nang on the beach makes good food, and I’ve also heard good things about some of the other Italian restaurants in Ao Nang but I haven’t visited them yet. There are plenty of western food places to choose from in Ao Nang if that’s what you’re craving – all within walking distance of your hotel.

Best Place to Eat by Chao Fa Road?

Easy Cafe. Walk down the hill (Chao Fa Road in Krabi Town is a hill), at the first intersection, continue straight down to the river. Make a right. On your right will be a small place on the corner of a small alley and facing the Krabi River.

Why eat at Easy Cafe?

  • best breakfast
  • best coffee (I get Americano without sugar/creme – it’s awesome)
  • best pizza
  • free WIFI

It has the best breakfast in the area, the best coffee, and it has free WIFI.

If you are there at lunch or dinner time, try the Pizza, or anything else. It’s all good.

Don’t waste your time looking for a good place to eat breakfast or any other meal of the day – just head to Easy Cafe and you’ll be glad you did.

Did I mention – Air Conditioning? Fans on the porch if you choose to sit outside?

Did I mention it has probably the most updated interior design of any coffee place / restaurant in Krabi Town?