Krabi Shutdown in Wake of Bangkok Shutdown 2014?

No. Business as usual. Bring your family, enjoy the beach. Stay away from Bangkok and you’ll be fine. The situation could change at anytime in Bangkok and some of the provinces, but Krabi is always quite stable and no real problems develop because of protests. There are plenty of protesters here – supporters of the group shutting down Bangkok, but, they don’t really bring it home and gridlock Krabi over it.


2 thoughts on “Krabi Shutdown in Wake of Bangkok Shutdown 2014?”

    1. I haven’t been into Krabi town today at all, we were out traveling around. I don’t think there is any public issue, but schools have been closed in the city due to protesters asking them to close for a week. Not sure what else is affected. The POST was open. I haven’t heard about any shutdowns of anything that would affect travelers. So far, so good.

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