Krabi Weather Update – 14 June 2015

Rain forecast for June in Krabi province, including town and Ao Nang, all the beaches
Raining in Krabi Town right now as I write this…

OK, here it is – the Krabi province weather update for mid-June 2015.

It’s pouring rain this morning, and that is what reminded me that I need to do an update here to let you all know how the weather is looking. We are at the very beginning of the rainy season, and honestly, unless this rain continues for a couple days, we haven’t even really begun yet.

Typically June is a month with some really good rain-showers, but then some days in between, even up to a week with little or no rain at all. June is a great time to come. Our rain so far in the first half of June has been very minimal. Though, as I said, today it has sprinkled rain lightly all morning and now at lunch time it is really coming down hard.

Probably we’re going to see the start of the rainy season from today. That means it might rain 1-2, maybe 3 days in a row, but then give us a break for a few days. It might rain briefly at certain times of the day – mornings or afternoons around 3 pm. Sometimes it even rains in the 6 pm. timeframe. So it may rain like this almost every day, lightly, during these times. That is the typical pattern for June and even into July… but as we get closer to October, the rains increase, and the days it rains increases.

Flooding in Krabi is kept to a minimum for a number of reasons, primarily because there are efficient ways for the tons of rainwater to reach the ocean quickly and it need not sit in one place. However, there are certain places where water does pool up and you may find your motorbike or car plowing through 1-2 feet of water at times if you’re near the river in Krabi Town, or at some locations over in Ao Nang.

Flash floods in Krabi – I haven’t heard of them, except at the base of the mountain – Khao Phanom, they sometimes have a LOT of water floating down the stream and it can at times flow over the street in a strong rush.

I’ll try to remember to update you on the rain and flooding situation later.


2 thoughts on “Krabi Weather Update – 14 June 2015”

    1. Good question. We’re at Nov 1 today and the pattern for the past few weeks has been very little rain – just quick showers that last 10 minutes and are done. So, that could continue… or, like one year I remember it did the same thing then rained hard in November and most of December. So – anyone’s guess. At the moment the weather is fantastic.

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